Likortek is one of India’s major suppliers of Bar Accessories , Merchandise and equipment , which brings to you supreme specialization for a luxurious bar experience. Our products are used in major Bar, Restaurants, Hotels and Beer & Wine companies in Asia.

Whom do we serve ?

Our primary target has been building a resource for beer and wine companies , Microbreweries & Bars, we believe in providing the best bartending merchandise and equipment to them . We have a team of excelled professionals who are ready to put his efforts in making your Campaign /brand promotional activities Successful.
As Likortek has grown, we’ve expanded our company to include partner websites in order to best reach out to different markets (see our products on Flipkart & Amazon). If you’re buying in bulk, Likortek offers Free Shipping and amazingly discounted wholesale pricing for bar and restaurant owners, suppliers, and resellers.

So how do you choose the right one?
Many companies choose to seek out a partner they can trust, a partner who can help them reach their business goals, a partner whose chief focus is to help them make the perfect hunch.

We are that partner.
We have highly trained & Dedicated team whose mission is to make sure that you use all the products in the most effective way possible.

Why Likortek
The answer is simple. We are consistent, helpful, knowledgeable, fast — and won’t be undersold. It’s what we do. we’ve been doing it for over years.


Our product portfolio starts from ready to move to customized products. We are carrying a large selection of Bar accessories, Bar equipment, Corporate gifts such as promotional travel mugs, custom umbrellas, apparel and most popular gifting solution , trendy and industry specific promotional items etc. We are specialized in providing fine collection of bar accessories with materialistic design and oodles of appeal, which takes you on a journey with every sip of life.
During our short span of time we can deliver and capable of delivering high class products and services to our customers, this includes both domestic and imported products offering.

 We Care
We care about each other, our customers and suppliers, and we are invested in what each is trying to achieve.
 Do What’s Right
We are guided by the principles of honesty and openness and take ownership over successes and failures.
 Details Matter
We constantly strive to achieve perfection in everything we do because the details matter.
 Be Passionate
We are driven by a genuine enthusiasm for what we do and who we work with.
 Appreciate Our Customers
Our customers are the reason for our success and we never take them for granted.


Make the Perfect Hunch
We help our customers make the right hunch by working with them to select quality merchandise that is perfectly customized and always delivered on time.

Our Strength
We could source and deliver exceptional promotional materials to support the launch of a new products. We can find the right product, customize it to meet customer needs and deliver within very tight timelines. The staff is highly knowledgeable and professional and provides great support throughout the process, end to end delivery.